About Us

The Stanford Cable TV News Analyzer was created by the Computer Graphics Lab at Stanford University in collaboration with the John S. Knight Fellowship Program.

The project is supported by financial and computing gifts from the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Intel Corporation, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and the National Science Foundation. The video dataset was provided for academic use by The Internet Archive.

Technical Papers

For more examples of analyses that can be performed using the Stanford Cable TV News Analyzer, as well as more detail on the design of this website and our methodology for video labeling, please refer to our paper:

Analysis of Faces in a Decade of US Cable TV News
J. Hong, W. Crichton, H. Zhang, D. Y. Fu, J. Ritchie, J. Barenholtz, B. Hannel, X. Yao, M. Murray, G. Moriba, M. Agrawala, K. Fatahalian
Paper website (Published in KDD 2021.)

Original technical report on arXiv:
Analyzing Who and What Appears in a Decade of US Cable TV News (August 2020)

To reference our work or the analyzer tool, please cite:

    author={James Hong and Will Crichton and Haotian Zhang and Daniel Y. Fu and Jacob Ritchie and Jeremy Barenholtz and Ben Hannel and Xinwei Yao and Michaela Murray and Geraldine Moriba and Maneesh Agrawala and Kayvon Fatahalian},
    title={Analysis of Faces in a Decade of US Cable TV News},
    publisher = {Association for Computing Machinery},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the 27th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining},
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Please direct all questions about the Stanford Cable TV News Analyzer to tvnews-project@stanford.edu. For questions about our dataset and our data labeling methodology, please see our methodology page. We also address frequently asked questions, including concerns about the use of automated facial recognition technology.

If you are considering using data from this site for further analysis, we would be happy to assist in validating the data. Please contact us at tvnews-project@stanford.edu.

Our Team

James Hong (student lead), Jacob Ritchie, Jeremy Barenholtz, Will Crichton, Daniel Fu, Ben Hannel, Xinwei Yao, Haotian Zhang
Student research assistants, Stanford University
Maneesh Agrawala
Forest Baskett Professor Computer Science and Director of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford University
Kayvon Fatahalian
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University
Geraldine Moriba
Journalist, documentary filmmaker, broadcast news executive, and former John S. Knight Journalism fellow